I have subscribed to the cancellation guarantee service but I do not have access to the button to cancel my reservation.

If you do not have access to the button to cancel your reservation, try to check the following items first:

Check if you are in the allowed time to apply your cancellation guarantee.

As a reminder, you can cancel your reservation on your own initiative up to 2 days before the departure of your 1st flight. If you are leaving in less than 2 days, it is unfortunately too late to benefit from the service. This explains why you do not have access to the form to cancel your reservation.

Make sure someone else in your reservation has not canceled your reservation.

Anyone on your reservation with a Ulysse account can cancel the reservation on their own initiative. If you are traveling in a group, contact the other members of your party to see if someone has already taken care of canceling your flights.

Check the flight status of your reservation.

If your reservation has been canceled by the airline (or any other person) and you can no longer travel, you will be refunded directly by the entity responsible for the cancellation and not by our Cancellation service.

If none of these 3 solutions allows you to clarify your situation, you can send us a message at support@ulysse.com