I want to take my animal, what should I do?

Generally, companion animals, such as dogs or cats, are accepted on board the aircraft, either in the cabin (if they weigh less than 5 kg) or in the hold (in a space dedicated to them, with oxygen, of course for your little or big animal).

Be careful though! Indeed, some companies do not allow the boarding of an animal. This is the case with EasyJet for example, but also Level!

If you have booked through us, let us know by email (support@ulysse.com) so that we can check if pets are accepted with the company (s) policies.

Once we are sure that your pet will be able to take flight with you, here is the procedure to follow:

-Buy the ticket (s) for yourself (and possibly other human travelers if you are not going alone on the adventure).

-Provide us with the precise information of your animal (size, weight, breed, as well as the dimensions of its crate or its transport bag).

We then contact the airlines to find out the exact price to add to join your animal at take-off, and we will then inform you.

Then pay this rate, to which is added a $13 Ulysse administration fee, and we will add your animal to the reservation.