How to contact Ulysse support?

At Ulysse, you will always find someone to answer you by email between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. (French time), Monday to Sunday. Whether you talk to Elodie, Charles, NoƩmie or Claire, our goal is simple: get back to you in less than 30 minutes!

To contact us, you have several options:

By email

Simply by writing to us at the following address: support@ulysse.coml!

Via our website 

At the bottom right of all the pages of the site, you will find a small bubble. By clicking on it, the most viewed articles from our FAQ are displayed, with a search box at the bottom, in case we already have some answers for you. If not, click "request" at the top of this menu.

A drop-down list is displayed: this allows us to know the reason for your request at first glance. Click on "next" and send us your message.

How to help us process your message even faster:

-if you already have a reservation, don't forget the reservation number starting with UL

you can attach screenshots, especially if you think you have encountered a bug on our site

-If you have spotted flights that interest you and have any questions, specify the company, dates and times, including the departure and destination airports.

By responding to emails you receive from us

-If you have subscribed to our newsletters or have booked a flight with Ulysse, then you have already received emails from us. By replying to these emails, your message arrives directly in the support inbox! 

With the link at the bottom of all our FAQ articles

At the very bottom of each article, there is a small envelope and a small sentence in gray. Click on the underlined part "Contact us", a contact form is displayed.

How to contact you by phone?

This is not possible, we explain why in the other article.