Why can’t you contact us by phone?

When you write us an email, we always take the time to read it and then look at your reservation in detail in order to fully understand your concern before responding to you. On the phone, this time is very short and can lead us to give you the wrong answer. You deserve your message to be understood from the start, and emails make it possible for us!

In addition, we are constantly on-line with airlines or with our partners to resolve complicated cases. At Ulysse, we never give up, and spend hours on the phone every day for our passengers! If we had a phone number you can reach us on, there wouldn't be enough hours in the day to answer you and at the same time contact the airlines.

Obviously, in case of emergency or if we are pressed for time, a Support agent can always contact you by phone if necessary :)

But then, how to contact us? Send us an email at support@ulysse.com!