I want to change my flight, what should I do?

Most flights booked on Ulysse at the economy rate are non-cancellable, non-refundable, and non-modifiable. Your flight may be subject to more favorable conditions, but we cannot guarantee you anything. In case you wish to change the date of your ticket, please complete this form.

We will analyze the possibilities of modification (less, as explained above). If possible, we will then establish a quote for the dates requested, including the company's penalty fees, the price difference between the two tickets and the Ulysse management fees.

Any modification request must be made at least one week before the flight's departure, in order to give us sufficient time to manage this with the company, and so that you can make your decision in the event that this is possible!

Please note: it is not always possible to change your reservation, or sometimes it can cost more than buying a new ticket. We want to help you, but we can't promise you anything!

COVID-19: Many companies have more flexible "corona" modification policies. We will inform you about all your possibilities and the prices associated with receiving your form within 24 hours maximum.