How do Ulysse credits work?

What are the Ulysse credits?

When a refund is possible for your trip or your options (such as luggage, a reserved seat), we offer 2 options: a monetary refund on the bank card or Ulysse credits.

Ulysse credits are linked to your account on our site, you must be logged in with your email address to access them. It's like a currency, usable just on Ulysse.

How can I check my credit balance?

You can consult the balance at any time at 2 places on our site:

from the "Sponsorship" page

from your personal account on our site, in the "Travel credit" category

How do I use my travel credit?

You can use your travel credit at any time on Ulysse, whenever you want, for the destination you want and without restrictions. Nice eh? When booking your flight, all you have to do is click on “use my travel credit” at the time of payment. The amount will then be automatically debited from the total amount of your plane ticket.

If your plane ticket is for less than your travel credits, don't panic, you will find your remaining credits on a next reservation. Conversely, if the amount of the plane ticket is greater than that of your travel credits, you will just have to pay the difference.

How long is the travel credit available?

To infinity ! Your travel credits do not expire, you can use it whenever you want, for the destination you want and as many times as you want (provided you have enough travel credit, of course).

Can I use my Ulysse credit for several people?

Yes, your credit is not linked to your name but to your email address. This means that you can use it for any reservation and any passenger, as long as you book with your email address, and are logged in to your account.